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Teach You How To Leave

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Track Name: Lady Wisdom
Lady Wisdom, won’t you lend me your hand?
Soar against this wind, understand.

Fresh eyes, a compromise with my heart and mind.
Think twice, the stars align.
See yourself through a new light.

Breathe life to this lifeless limb.

Mountains high and valleys deep is my search for destiny.
Free fall.
One foot on the shoreline, one foot in the sea. Caught in the in-between.

Turn this mountain on its head, claim your unseen world instead.
Tortured by your fantasies, dying for these realities.

Let go and claim your unseen world.

Mountains high and valleys deep is my search for destiny.
Track Name: Hurricane
Hurricane, landslide my shame as I spin both ways.
Hurricane, they turn astray. Start an earthquake.

I still find footsteps in the roads less travelled.

You may be fearless but I’m brave, not the same. Ignorance, who’s to blame?
I know what lies at stake.

Thorn in my side, ripped from the vine.
Saved me just in time, you saved me just in time.

Battle scars, battle scars. Shine like stars, shine like stars.
Battle scars, battle scars. Wounds tell the tales of our hearts.

And I will bear more scars, as many as the stars.
Track Name: Totem
Jailbreak: my soul escapes.
Learnt from all my past mistakes.
Darkness tries to call, writing on the walls of my head.
Tossed my doubts into the sunset.

These stepping-stones crossing waters of new unknowns.
My lungs are filled with grace from this change in pace.
Little thought, with little time, hard to find my peace of mind.
Feel it in your bones.

Pressure’s climbing but I feel alive.
Missed my timing but I still hold fast.

The moon stretched out; grabbed the sea.
And changed the tides before me.

Hear my soul roar, what I’m born for.
Hear me roar.

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