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Track Name: The Underestimate
Masquerade, time will tell if that mask will stay.
Sacrifice, that false self, that fake life.
Not alone, you’ll find more than one home.
Seize the day, taste winds of change.

This city sleeps, but tonight we’re the only ones who’ll have a dream.
We roam from street to street,
Like wolves we howl and sing.
Push comes to shove, walk the road in front.

As the sun hides it gaze, and the moon shows its face,
I’ll keep running my races, fuelled by this night’s grace.

‘Draw a line, stand on one side’.
I’m not ready to decide, no.

Caught in a storm; grey weather.
Life doesn’t seem as light as a feather.

Hold this fort, see the cause.
Truth be told, I feel more scared than bold.
Hold this fort, see this cause, the truth be told:
We are more bold than we’ve been sold.

But courage is a dance with fear, life taught me this lesson loud and clear.
Just stand out in the open, the open.
I feel naked, honest and in tears.
No pain holds us to our fears.

And around and around we go, hold the seeds we were never taught to sow.
I for one will let go: watch me grow, watch this grow.
Track Name: Echo
Breathing her last, her heart skips a beat in flashback of the past.
Leaving this world behind, she walks into the light.
Moves out from the cold of a winter’s crossroad.

Colour blind, you see in shades of grey, doesn’t have to end this way.
I see the reds of your rage, you live your life in a cage.
Allow your spirit to grow and move before your hate consumes.

Sow the seed, start to breathe.
No self reproach, start to glow.
Unashamed, pass the flame.

Desire this fire, burn on.
Desire this fire, burn.
Renew my sight.

Desire this fire, burn on.
Her legacy lives, lives on.
Desire this fire, burn on.
Her legacy lives, lives on.
Track Name: Glass Hearts
Peace fill my heart,
This battle is already won.
Round up all the survivors,
Show mercy to the lost.

Not one more shard, of your glass heart
Will hide from the shine of the sun.

We yearn to venture far and wide,
Test our strength,
Learn to fight.
Passions never at rest
With hope burning in our chests.

Thirsty for love,
On and on we feel this call.

Summoned and spelled for more and more
And more and more.

Look through all the lies,
Cast out the guilt inside.

Turn and be, embrace mystery
Face me and conquer fear.

Glass hearts in the air,
Screaming to the heavens I declare:
‘take me’.
Change lives,
Storm the sky,
Spread our wings forever fly.
Track Name: Dream Strong
My feet still grounded, trapped by these walls enclosing me.
My feet still grounded, but yet our hearts still beat.

Let’s be realistic and prepare to crush another child’s dream.
Reality and our preconceived values have been ripped by greed.

We all learn and realise at different points in our lives that not all is as clear as it seems. So corrupt, who to trust? All is taken from our grasp.

Follow your heart.

The struggle, the fighting, the sick and the crying.
The struggle, the fighting, are you living or dying?
Track Name: Free Spirit
Another night swept in regret, another night on my knees again,
Cast a line, send a sign.

Another night swept in regret, another night on my knees again,
Cast a line, send a sign, where’s the light?

I’m not afraid to cry out when all I’m faced with is a sea of doubt.
I can’t see through these murky waters, it’s time to swim.

This rose is losing its petals, its beauty lies on the garden’s floor.
Start a new season, may it blossom, may it bloom once more.

You saw me walk away a child, unspoken, unheard.
Only to return a man of my word.

I rest at the bottom of the sea, as they try to rob you of me.

Don’t live from the echoes of your sin. Allow a new journey to begin.
Taste afresh adrenaline rush. Lift your eyes from the dark to the sun.

The sun shines through the clouds.
To the lost, I am found.
Track Name: Awake
Embrace the innocence of this childhood fantasy.
Awake, awake, awake, the secret stirs inside starts to shake.
Time to get this off my chest, been ten years I need rest.

A whisper in the wind, I see angels.
Like lightning in a storm, I see angels.

Take my hand, grasp this chance, lose control.

Hearts ablaze, won't erase these thoughts and feelings from within.
Turn this page, fall like rain, wash me white as snow.

Climb the mountains high where angels soar,
Burn the gates down where the demons roar.

Hear their song, guide me on.
I'm in awe, heed the call.
I know what I saw.
Ever more: angels soar.